Revit Structural Modeling
Why Choos us

We have been providing Revit modeling services for a long time. We have expertize in Revit Architecture, MEP, structural software and offer BIM services in Architectural, structural, Mechanical and MEP fields.

Our Specialities:

Hands-on Client Servicing: Senior executives work with you directly on your account to handle any specific requests or issues you may have.

Dedicated Customer Service: Technological development in the field of communication enables us to extend our services to clients located in any part of the world.

Flexible solutions for specific needs: Proactive patient account management and documentation feedback helps maximize reimbursements with our services.

Service quality: We perform CADD tasks that best suit your needs, budget and schedule – whether creating and defining components and systems, or creating and updating drawings.

Qualified staff: We have highly skilled and trained staff. Our engineering workforce consists of Designers, Analysts, Detailers and CAD engineers working together to complete complex projects with remarkable ease.

Clients across the globe: We have documented success working with clients worldwide.

Primary services: We assist architectural, mechanical, HVAC, plumbing and structural engineers and organizations with a wide range of solutions such as CADD drafting, HVAC designing & drafting, MEP designing & drafting, BIM, and 3D modeling among others.

Some additional advantage points:

  • Lower costs due to economies of scale
  • Ability to concentrate on core functions
  • Greater flexibility and ability to define the requested service more readily
  • Specific supplier benefits. For example, better security, continuity, etc.
  • Higher quality service due to focus of the supplier
  • Improved internal management disciplines resulting from the exercise itself
  • Less dependency upon internal resources
  • Control of budget
  • Faster setup of the function or service
  • Lower ongoing investment required in internal infrastructure
  • Greater ability to control delivery dates
  • Increase flexibility to meet changing business conditions
  • Purchase of industry’s best practice

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